The Westmorland Family grew out of Tebay Services in Cumbria, which was opened by farmers John and Barbara Dunning in 1972 when the M6 was built across their land.

It was the UK’s first family-run motorway service area, cooking simple good food and selling local produce. Those origins are still the foundation of everything we do.

We opened Tebay Southbound in 1992, having built a Hotel and Caravan Park next to the Northbound motorway services area.

In 2003, we opened our first Farmshop.

At a time of burgeoning farm diversification in the wake of the 2001 Foot and Mouth crisis, it was a showcase for local makers of handmade authentic foods.

After building a cutting room at Tebay Southbound in 2004, we began to butcher and sell lamb and beef from our farm direct to customers.

In 2014 we opened Gloucester Services, an award-winning sustainable development on the M5.

A partnership with the community development charity Gloucestershire Gateway Trust (GGT), it invests in local and people and projects and supports more than 130 producers from within 30 miles of its Farmshop & Kitchen.

We were delighted to buy Cairn Lodge Services from the MacInnes family.

After extensive investment and refurbishment with we relaunched it in December 2018 with a Farmshop & Kitchen at its heart.

It has been a delight to welcome former managing director Donna Hood (née MacInnes), now our operations manager, into our dynamic and growing business, alongside her family, colleagues, suppliers and customers.

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